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Alena Dierickx MBACP

I’m a qualified person-centred, therapist, influenced by existential philosophy, or the difficulty in the here and now. I have significant experience of working with clients who have experienced sexual violence and abuse and who struggle with identity issues, particularly in relation to gender, sexuality and life crises. The 'Anytime Life Crisis' is a symbol of the stressful, urban lives we live in the city and the negative impact this can have on our creativity and resourcefulness. 

There are times when we just feel stuck and unable to move through what weighs us down. I offer a holistic and strengths based approach to helping clients with a wide range of issues such as depression and loss, relationship issues, anger, ageing, sadness. I offer walking therapy, as well as the more traditional room based counseling sessions because I believe walking creates a more dynamic experience of therapy and a greater sense of connection between our inner lives and the outside world.

I am politically influenced by environmentalism, am a vegan and feminist and interested in social justice within counselling. I work in ways that value both the individual as a whole and the many diverse and intersecting communities and identities to which we belong. I believe that the client is essentially self-righting and self-healing and just needs an empathic, non-judgmental and accepting space in which to feel supported enough to unravel the difficulties that life throws up.

I also work within the LGBTQI community and offer both group and individual sessions. Session fees are £55-£65 per hour.