Jane Czyzselska
MA Int Psych, Dip Coun, BA Phil, MBACP

Integrative psychotherapist & counsellor

 No matter who or where we are in our lives, many of us find ourselves facing challenges that disrupt our sense of emotional wellbeing. Whether we feel we’re in crisis, stuck, depressed or unable to live life to our fullest potential, whether we’re having difficulty in intimate relationships, with friends, at work or with family members, each of us has a unique story that requires an equally unique approach with a qualified and sensitive professional.
My therapeutic approach is integrative and my belief is that we heal through relationship, so my hope is that through our time working together I will support you to become more deeply connected to the person you want to be. It’s easy to lose sight of this fundamental human need if emotional abuse, loss, addiction and others’ disregard for our unique identities make us feel worn down, anxious and overwhelmed.
At present, I offer short and long term weekly counselling and psychotherapy. If you would like to contact me for an initial consultation, you can do so at I charge £75 for an initial consultation, then £65-£75 per session depending on circumstances. I also offer some lower cost spaces but these are currently taken. I also offer Lifespan Integration therapy which can help with anxiety, emotional neglect and trauma. The cost for this form of therapy is £60/hour pro rata and sessions can last up to 90 minutes. When we meet we can discuss what you want from therapy, as well as times, fees and any other questions you may have about counselling.

I am experienced in working with the following issues:
▪  Anxiety
▪  Depression
▪  Sexual and gender identity
▪  Relationship issues
▪  Emotional abuse
▪  Low self-esteem
▪  Addictions
▪  Eating disorders
▪  Anger management
▪  Life purpose
▪  Creative blocks