We are a group practice located near Kings Cross Station in the heart of London’s vibrant East End. The group was originally founded by Michelle Hegarty and Anando Emryss with the shared goals of providing psychotherapy and counselling to all who wish to access it and developing the profession to respond to today’s modern world, in particular London’s diverse and complex population. 

The practice has 3 key aims: 

  • To provide a responsive and progressive approach to the services offered.
  • To broaden access and the availability of psychotherapy and counselling services, and 
  • To work closely with the medical professions to offer talking therapies in partnership with, and where appropriate in place of, the use of psychopharmacological drugs. 

Psychotherapy is based on the belief that human psychological suffering can be alleviated by speaking and listening. Often referred to as “talking therapies” the specific techniques used in any psychotherapy depend largely on the theoretical orientation and training of the Psychotherapist. 

The goals of all types of psychotherapy are typically threefold: 

  • The reduction of symptoms and suffering such as depression and anxiety
  • Reducing and understanding patterns of destructive behaviour such as compulsions or addictions, and
  • To increase life functioning through an increased capacity for work, understanding, creativity, or relationships.

The discipline of psychotherapy has often looked foolish by engaging in petty debates over which approach to therapy is best. We believe that this is not even the right question. What works for the individual is determinate upon factors unique to that client and their therapist.

We offer a flexible, solution-focused approach that helps to create recovery, growth and change in a person. Every client is unique, and so has different needs; the therapist creatively uses what works with that client, helping them towards new ways of thinking about and responding to problems.

Our backgrounds enable us to provide the kind of service that will work best for the person. We have a rich mix of experience and training and expand that further through our supervision and personal interests.

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