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Contact :

07979 771881

Anando Emryss

Now practicing in Bristol, but available for sessions via Skype or phone. Please email for further information.
Resuming work in London in Autumn 2019.

I have been working as a therapist for over a decade and have extensive training and experience with both couples and individuals, utilising integrative, psychodynamic psychotherapy/counselling. 
My practice experience is extremely broad.


To arrive where I currently am in private practice I trained for 4 years at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, graduating with a qualification in Couple and Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I am currently working in a multidisciplinary NHS gender clinic as a specialist psychotherapist working broadly and supportively with gender identity. I have a certificate in Psychosexual Couple and Individual Therapy at the Centre for Psychosexual Health in London along with a certificate in integrative CBT training, along with a vast amount of smaller training, conferences, seminars, lectures, reading, and the rich rewarding experience over many years of being in conversation with remarkable people. 

The fundamental aspect of my psychodynamic training was founded at  the Tavistock clinic which offers comprehensive training in London: involving a three-year clinical and academic training course that provides a professional qualification to practice as a couple and individual psychotherapist/counsellor. The Tavistock Centre for Couples Relationships was founded in 1948 is recognised in its field as a centre of advanced practice and study, both nationally and internationally. It is a practice-based organisation committed to studying the nature of couple relationships and a valuable centre for research. 

Along with my training pathways I have continued to develop my learning and my practice has become far more integrative as a result of years of multi various modalities. I work with a high regard for a more person centred focus and will always aim to meet the experience of the individuals or couples respectfully. 

I encourage people to direct their own therapeutic experience and see myself as facilitating a process towards understanding and meaning about the complex ways we think, feel and behave. 

Psychosexual Therapy:

My psychosexual expertise promotes working with people who are experiencing difficulties with sex: couples and individuals who may be experiencing problems.

I have specific training and experience covering a multitude of sexual difficulties, including arousal and/or orgasm, desire, curiosity, lack of feeling or affect.
Various types of inhibition/expression inherent to establishing ideas of sexual identity often take place during early development. Difficulties may arise for various reasons: perhaps from cultural pressures or expectations, sometimes from trauma or stress; either from the past or being experienced in an ongoing way from deep rooted beliefs, are some of the sources of enquiry which can provide important focus for understanding and altering unhelpful patterns. 

I work comfortably with delicate themes of sexuality, identity, sexual difficulties, inhibition and expression, cultural expectations within changing contexts, loss of libido, and sensitive sexual abuse experiences. Along with a wide range of identity dysphoric experiences, there can often be important conversations to be thought about the body: sexual, intimate, personal, and social bodies, along with narratives and understanding of ourselves placed within these contexts. 
As well as psychosexual therapy and concerns relating to those people focusing on the themes of intimate relationships I work with those having difficulty maintaining intimacy, or people wanting to enter into relationships after some time or hesitation, or those wishing to explore relationship with their internal self. 
I appreciate there is an impressive spectrum of intimacy to be experienced: from polyamory/polygamy to those who are A-sexual.

Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: 

My model of working integrates a psychodynamic, psychotherapeutic underpinning with a cognitive and behavioural focus.

Many people struggle trying to make sense of themselves within changing life stages, or perhaps face environmental or cultural changes and challenges. Talking therapy and counselling can provide much needed time and focus to examine troubling concerns with the hope of developing a greater understanding of oneself and others in order to achieve a more rewarding engagement with life. 

When working we might concentrate more in depth on family or culture of origin, developmental learnings, conflicting experiences and struggles with internalised messages. We might try to focus on informed or emotionally adapted behaviour to get a clearer understanding of repeating patterns. This can prove invaluable because with awareness one begins to utilise choice. 

Some of the multi-various difficulties bringing people into the therapeutic conversation that I have worked with extensively: 

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, loss (bereavement, relationships, self belief), stress, loss of control of emotions, substance misuse, avoidance, and illness, communication difficulties, cultural conflicts, mental health concerns, trauma, abuse (in childhood and adulthood), and issues affecting intimacy, and/or affecting more general well-being, are many concerns people might experience. 

Other issues which can feel overwhelming such as compulsive addictions and difficulties with anger; things that might seem intractable can usually be worked through. Suicidal thoughts and feelings are considered some of the most threatening and difficult. Because of social stressors and/or taboos these feelings are often experienced in isolation causing an exacerbation of symptoms.  It can be helpful to talk openly without judgement so that through concern and support, solutions might be sought to manage distressing times.

There can also be difficult times where for some reason or another, people feel the need to review and reassess their lives in a more whole or concentrated way. I can offer a useful non judgemental open minded space for this giving time, thoughtfulness and support for this to happen.

If there is something that has resonated for you here and you would like to have an initial meeting to see if you feel comfortable with the set up I have provided, please contact me and I will look forward to meeting with you. I offer psychotherapy from 2 locations: Kings Cross and Shoreditch. Both are close to stations with various transport links. My Kings Cross Practice is fully accessible, and both allow calm, quiet space for focus and reflection.