We are a small group practice located near Kings Cross station in the heart of London. Founded in 2010 the practice was set up with the shared goals of creating a supportive, non-judgemental, thoughtful, environment that provides psychotherapy and counselling to London’s diverse residents in an accessible and inclusive way.

Psychotherapy and counselling rests on the belief that psychological suffering can be greatly alleviated within a supportive therapeutic communication with an understanding other. Often referred to as “talking therapies” the various approaches used in any psychotherapy depends largely on the theoretical orientation and specific training of the psychotherapist/counsellor.

For most people, there is no one approach more superior than another, rather it’s the quality of the relationship between person themselves and therapist which is important.

Being comfortable with a therapist during an initial consultation is of great significance. If unsure you might try a few sessions but  ideally you would soon feel clear about how confidently understood you are with your therapist/counsellor.  It will be important to find someone you feel will be able to provide you with the kind of reflective support you need to provide the changes you are seeking.

 The goals of all types of psychotherapy are typically threefold: 

  • The reduction of symptoms and suffering such as depression and anxiety
  • Building awareness and understanding regarding unhelpful patterns of behaviour 
  • To increase personal agency leading to more thoughtful confident choices in every day life as well as with relationships both personally and professionally. 

Through each therapist's diverse backgrounds, training and professional experiences, the practice offers a rich blend of resources available which continue to expand through each therapist's / counsellor’s supervision, continuing professional development and each of our political and idealogical leanings. 

As an inner city London practice we warmly welcome all cultural, political, religious alliances and backgrounds along with sexualities and gender identities. This is to specifically invite a thoughtful considered inclusive approach to diversity in the conversations within the private and confidential setting of the therapy room. 

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